sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008

Vídeo del día

Anatomy Of A Ghost - Since Yesterday

Walls crash down around us standing atop the ocean these breaking waves threaten to drown the world and this canvas of sheets so ethereal morning comes to breakfast “please tell me before I wake.” It’s tied down so I don’t forget to breathe one masquerade for the last parade so these hands back down lungs fill the blood “you never told me you hate me” but you showed it so well and this won’t be the last time take your time don’t regret the fall ends shortly no we wont be holding on or holding out for you just take your time it was all your choice we lost you climbing up you were so sure so confident you could jump off and just float away but don’t expect to be saved now pretend that I’m back to the “please tell me how.” Hearts don’t forget to break walls crossed behind we fall down the bridges that carry us home.

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